miXscope - Snapshot of the Week

A QuickTime movie of a small 4 watt light bulb.

The movie was captured with a Smithsonian
Computer Microscope at 10X magnification.

The microscope was handheld and the small 4 watt
incandescent light bulb was turned on and then off.

The microscope's auto exposure was turned off
and a time stamp is in the bottom left corner.

The movie was captured as fast as possible with
a playback frame rate of 5 frames per second (fps).

Click on the link below to watch the movie
Medium - 480 x 360 (876 KB)

The Smithsonian microscope was connected to a PowerBook G4 via USB hub.
The microscope is basically a QX5 - it can be purchased online
from bestbuy.com, toygroove.com, and etoys.com

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